Steel yourself, cyclists. Our new wheels have arrived. And they’re awesome.

We’re pumped to offer a fleet of brand-new Surly Stragglers for our fully supported and self supported road cycling tours based out of Nelson BC.

Just what is the bike, you ask? We like to think of it as an all-purpose go anywhere ride that blends the zippiness of a road bike with the comfort of a more casual setup. Oh yeah, and it’s steel.

Surly Bikes have a legendary reputation. Their frames are built exclusively with cromoly steel, the ideal material for a lightweight, sturdy and comfortable ride. Their reliability and ride quality has made Surly the undisputed choice for adventure cyclists. But you don’t have to go an around the world trip to try one for yourself.

New Denver BC cycling Surly Straggler

Surly is also a little, well, different. You won’t find aisles of their bikes at any cycle shop. They make a limited amount of bikes geared towards adventure. They’re unique, just like the Kootenays. And we like that.

The Straggler is essentially a cousin of the popular Cross Check, but with disc brakes and more traditional road bike components. It features the proven Shimano Tiagra groupset or the more recent SRAM Apex groupset, both easy to use and responsive. Our fleet comes in sleek black, snazzy “glitter dreams” purple, and cool mint.

Slightly wider tires mean more comfort and versatility. At 41mm, the tires eat up rail trails and gravel roads while rolling smoothly on pavement. They also have a nice upright position so you can savour the views. The Kootenay Lake region is, after all, rather spectacular.

Our fleet fits riders from approximately 5’ 0” to 6’ 3”. We’re happy to install your own pedals and saddle for you too, and will adjust the bike to make sure it fits you just right. All bikes come equipped with a repair kit, frame bag (to hold your camera, snacks and other tidbits), bright rear light, and a mirror.

Nelson BC lakeside park Surly Straggler

The Straggler also has a ton of fittings for panniers and other accessories. This makes it a perfect rig if you’re looking to embark on a self-supported trip. We rent pannier racks, waterproof panniers, camping gear, tents and more to get you on your way.

Bikes are available to rent for $55 per day plus GST.

Check out our full range of fully supported tours available this summer, and reserve your shiny new Straggler. Between the bike and the scenery, the West Kootenays might just become your favourite cycling destination.