Ever dreamed of a biking holiday that allows you to indulge your inner Hobbit? Good news – you don’t have to go all the way to New Zealand. The iconic Yellow Deli café in Nelson BC might have you thinking you’ve stepped right into the Shire and the Lord of the Rings.

Perched above Kootenay Lake, and just off of Nelson’s historic Baker Street, the Yellow Deli is a cozy spot that invites guests to disconnect and enjoy the rustic ambiance. Intricate solid wood tables, a roaring fireplace, calming music, and colourful artwork and charm add to the atmosphere. The creaky wood floors and various nooks and crannies on two floors complete the feel. 

The Yellow Deli Nelson BC interior

An umbrella of leafy trees makes the outdoor wrap around patio a nice shady spot in the summertime too. This dense forest canopy in the heart of the city is also home to the longest covered walkway in Nelson, connecting downtown Baker Street with Victoria Street below.

The attentive service is matched by the carefully prepared and delicious food. The Turkey Reuben with Swiss cheese is a sure bet, while the Canadian Cheesy Seed & Nut salad is a hearty and healthy option. The soup of the day is always worthwhile, and the Vanilla Chai Mate Latte is oh-so-good.

Yellow Deli Nelson BC fireplace interior

Owned and operated by the local Twelve Tribes group, the café is closed for most of the weekend to allow the staff to spend time together at their nearby farm. But if you’re joining the West Koot Loop biking tour, you should have time before or after the trip.

The Yellow Deli is a good example of the alternative and eclectic vibe that Nelson is known for. Between the food, ambiance, and otherworldly setting, it’s well worth a stop while on a bike tour in the West Kootenays of BC.

The Yellow Deli is located at 202 Vernon St, one block down from historic Baker St, near the Best Western Hotel. It’s open from noon on Sundays through 3pm on Fridays (yep, 24 hours during the week).