The excitement for electric bicycles is building. They might just revolutionize cycling, making the sport more accessible for everyone.

If you’re thinking of joining a tour but not sure if your partner or friend is up to the cycling, an e-bike might just be the answer! They’ll be able to bike with you and share in the magic of a cycling trip.

Steep hill? No problem. Dial up the torque and a 10% grade feels like a flat road. Considering a distance beyond your comfort zone? An e-bike gives you an extra push to tackle bigger days.

We’re excited to announce that Kootenay Cycling Adventures now has two Giant Explore E+3 electric bicycles in our fleet. These brand new bikes offer a peppy Yamaha motor, 400-watt battery, front suspension and 1.75” tires ideally suited for tours around Kootenay Lake.

Unlike some electric bikes that have a throttle (like a scooter), these are pedal assist, meaning that you still get that traditional pedaling experience but with a boost. With five different assist levels, you can easily dial in the right mode depending on the road and your pedaling power.

The Explore E+ is available on our multi-day West Koot Loop bike tour in BC’s spectacular West Kootenays. Rental rate is $200 for the tour. Medium and Large size available.

Giant Explore E+ electric bike

A recent guest from New Zealand had great things to say about the bike and the bike tour.

“Just finished a great 3 day cycling trip. John was an excellent guide and I am very grateful for his recommendation of an E-bike for me. I was cycling with my husband and daughter, who are both experienced cyclists so it was fun to be able to keep up with them but still have the option to physically challenge myself if I really wanted to. The latter was a necessity given all the delicious snacks and meals provided on the tour. 

Thank you John for giving me a new motivation to travel by bike. I would highly recommend this tour plus using an E-bike if you are at all worried about your fitness level or cycling experience.” 

E-bike or road bike, we’ve got you covered on your next bicycle tour!